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I am going to the dentist tomorrow and terrified, help?

I have a really bad fear of the dentist, I have to go tomorrow and im trying to be positive but iam shaking thinking about it. I think it started about 11years ago when the dentist said that it looked like I’d been eating wotsits. so Iav hated going from then, it started as embarrassment and just got worse and worse, please help

I truly sympathise – it is hard to believe that a professional person could have treated you this way. It sounds like you have been very unlucky, as dentists nowadays are trained to be sympathetic and considerate. However, this sort of behaviour shouldn’t have to be taught – it is clear that the dentist you met was just an idiot. Please do not let this sort of thing affect your view of a good profession.

I understand how your confidence in the profession and maybe yourself can be affected by this, and I presume you were still quite young at the time so it could have a long lasting effect.

I presume you are seeing a new dentist tomorrow, and maybe you just need to have a chat with them and explain where this all started. I am sure they will be just as shocked as I was to hear that you have been treated this way. I am also sure that once you see that this was a one off, you will be able to get more confidence in your dentist and overcome your phobia.

Sometimes people need hypnotherapy or sedation to help them deal with their fear of the dentist, but I suspect that in your case you just need to get the trust back in someone who does a job which is extremely personal. If you do need to discuss methods for helping you with your fear feel free to mention it to the dentist and they can refer you on if necessary to someone in your area who is expert in treating nervous patients (maybe at the local dental hospital if there is one).

Please speak with your dentist about this tomorrow and see how it goes – remember that times have changed and you have just been very unlucky to have met such a plonker!

Very best of luck tomorrow!


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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