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I am in constant pain with my teeth and gums

I would like some advice. I’m 28 still have most of my teeth ( few at back out) unfortunately bad teeth run in my family…. My mum and granny had dentures put in when they were in there 20’s. My teeth are not straight I’ve had them filled down and my bottom teeth are glued. After my pregnancies my gum are really bad and never returned to normal so my gums recided badly, I’ve got to the point now I don’t smile I’m in constant pain and really wish I just had straight, white teeth. At my age would it be possible to get dentures in to replace my teeth?

yes it would , but I cant really tell what the condition of your remaining teeth is from what you tell me .
So you need to consult a dentist , maybe one or two to find out whether what you would like is possible .
But there are some things that you believe that might not be accurate . just because your family had dentures doesn’t mean you will inevitably lose all your teeth.
Pregnancy only affects gums that have already got gum disease, and doesnt cause teeth to rot .
It sounds as if you have had caps done on your lower teeth ?
anyway get some professional advice on what is right for you
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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