I am in pain but too scared to go to the dentist, can I get sedated?
18th August 2011

Please help me, i have a really bad phobia of anything dentistry related. I'av had problems and pains with my teeth but it's now a regular thing. I know that I do need treatment, but i really would only be able to have this under general anaesthetic. Is there any way of having this in a hospital. I can't even ask my dentist to refer me as I don't currently have one. I'm that scared that i have to walk a different way into uni to avoid going through the dental school building. What's my next step now? thanks

A. The only place that a general anesthetic for dental treatment is available is a hospital , either a dental hospital , or an Oral Surgery Department of a general hospital . Its possible for a dentist to refer to them for what is usually only for extractions , or other surgical procedures . Intravenous sedation might be suitable for you . and you should look for a dentist who can do that . The first step is to face your fear and look for a dentist to have a consultation , does your university have a dental facility , or the student health service may be able to help . A consultation helps you find out what is wrong and also to find out what is available for your particular needs . It doesn't commit you to anything other than that . Perhaps the first step might be to pluck up courage to walk through the dental school building with a friend and pretend its just any sort of building . then go into it and look around as the next step . you will feel very anxious but the anxiousness will damp down , and it will start the process of desensitization . The school may have a clinic for nervous patients , or a sedation clinic , making enquiries would also be a good start . I hope you manage to find the strength within yourself to get started , asking this question was a great first step . Jenny

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