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I am petrified of going to the dentist

I’m compleatly terrified of the dentist, so much that even picking up the phone to arrange anything makes me feel sick. My teeth are realy bad, a couple cracked, some are just roots, and now I have an absess. I dont have a dentist but got antibiotics from the doctor. I’ve lived with toothache for years and take at least one painkiller a day if not more. now its got to a point I just have to go. But everyone thinks its just a case of going, and keep telling me to phone, they dont understand that im petrified, I would need to be put to sleep, or even sedated for a check up its got that bad. I really dont know where to start and I feel like im just going to carry on like this and be in pain everyday because that is actualy the easier option for me. Which I know is crazy. But how do I start, how do I now the dentist will understand? and how do I even convince myself to go to an appointment, because knowing me I will get as far as book it then bottle out. Sorry its so long. thanks

well done for getting this far .
Your severe anxiety about going to the dentist is as painful as what you are imagining will happen . So that needs to be dealt with to pluck up the courage to make an appointment . You have seen a Dr about this so that is also a step taken .
If you go to . there are resources to get you started , and lots of people there to share your feelings with in a safe environment .Its common that others who are not fearful can’t understand how difficult this is for you .
You can’t be sedated for a check up , though you could look for a dentist that does IV sedation for treatment However perhaps your Dr might give you a mild sedative to take before the first visit .  Having an assessment doesn’t commit you to anything , and you wont have anything done.
Tell the dentist about your fears . There are recommendations from satisfied people about empathetic dentists on the website I’ve given you .
Nothing will or can change unless you take the next step to make the appointment , Just perhaps pretend you are making an appointment with the Dr when you ring . Take a deep breath and do it .
Hope this helps .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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