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I am scared of dying whilst at the dentist, help?

Hi Dr Simon Nery, I have terrible teeth but refuse to go to the dentist. There’s so many things that frighten me such as im scared of dying while at the dentist, scared in case I’m allergic to anaesthetic, I’m scared incase they put a needle in me and I’m scared of choking whilst I’m lying on the chair. I have a panic attack every time I such as think about going. I’m a 36year old man and shouldn’t be feeling like this!!

Dear Sir/madam

Thank you for your enquiry

Have you seen a dentist before?
Where does this fear come from?
Have you seen your Doctor to discuss this fear and maybe see someone who can help you – maybe a hypnotherapist or other practitioner?

It is difficult to help you with just an email- but I hope these suggestions are helpful as a way of finding a starting point for dealing with you phobia.
If you want further information please go to my website and download the free e-book on dealing with dental phobia. If you are in London please call my secretary to make an appointment for a consultation on 0207 580 1553.

Well done for making this first step to help overcome your phobia.

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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