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I am scared of the dental chair

Hello Doctor,
I have a real phobia of being sat in the dentists chair after having a bad experience a few years ago. I don’t really mind the needle or drilling but as soon as I sit in the chair my heart starts racing and I feel dizzy and sick and just want to get up out of the chair. this obviously impacts on treatment because I am so tense and upset and can’t relax. i recently spoke to a friend who told me that she had heard about dentists providing treatment for patients sat u rather than in the dental chair or even stood up. I think that this would help my problem but I don’t know one-if it is true, and 2-how would I go about finding a dentist that would do this? i feel embarrassed to ask really. and would like to know your thoughts on the matter. do you perform dental work to any patients not sat in the dental chair?

Sorry to her about your difficulties.

Modern quality dentistry doesnt lend itself to sit up dentistry. What you appear to have is an irrational anxiety which compounds with the typical manifestations when you re reclined in the dental chair. No doubt these fears will have extended from an issue you had at some point in the past .

Dental sedation using midazolam is a powerful anxiolytic and all the symtoms you are feeling will melt away and you should be able to receive the treatment you need in a relaxed way..

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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