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I am struggling to overcome a fear of dentist. Can you please help?

I am struggling to overcome my fear of the dentist. I used to have a serious fear of needles and refused to have jabs at high school. I managed to overcome that fear last year when I went out to Africa as they are an absolute must. (I am not properly over them they still make me squirm but where absolutely need be I can just deal with it so long as there’s no cue and I’m jabbed and done quickly! however my fear of the dentist somewhat surpasses this. I used to think I didn’t like it as I may have needed a needle but it must obviously go beyond that? I’d like to know how to go about dealing with this please if you have any suggestions? thanks a lot in advance, your time is greatly appreciated

Congratulation in getting over your fear of needles . A good start would be to make an appointment and go with the idea that all you are having that day is an assessment of the condition of your teeth.
Once you know what is needed then you can begin to explore how it might be done .
A good starting point would be to go the website , and share your feelings with others in the same situation

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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