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I am terrified of going to the dentist

I am so terrified of dentistry that I even need to have a drink before phoning up for an appointment. I have had many bad experiences over the years.What i fear is the pain.Can i be oversensitive to pain or am I just a coward?I have suffered all my life with anxiety and low self esteem.

I think its possible that your general anxiety is a factor in making your dental anxiety so strong .
Just break down the experience into chunks .
Making a telephone call to make an appointment is something that doesn’t involve anything other than speaking to someone who makes appointments . The thoughts that you have leading up to this are what lead to you feeling the anxiety . the first step is to make this without using a drink to quell the anxious feelings .
You may be very sensitive to pain , everyone has different tolerances to discomfort , but its magnified by anxiety .
tell the dentist how you feel , advise that you need extra pain control , and perhaps somethig to help with your anxiety .
I recommend the website of Anxiety uk which has lots of resources for helping with anxiety .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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