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I am worried that my recent dental work will give me problems on a plane?

Dear Jennifer,

I was always afraid of the dentist but over the last year I’ve been there twice, had a root canal redone some months ago and now it feels much better than before. I am going for a cleaning and a filling this month.
The problem is, when I had the root canal done the first time, my dentist didn’t close it, because I was flying in a week’s time and told me the air pressure in the plane will make it painful. I have my root canal redone (due to tooth cracking) as I have mentioned before, 6 months ago.

I would like to ask you, although I know it’s embarrassing, after 6 months, has the tooth settled, or is there a possibility that it might hurt in the plane? Also, if I have a filling 2 weeks before flying, will I be ok to fly?

Thank you in advance

I can re-assure you that the root canal treated tooth is highly unlikely to give trouble when you fly .
teeth only give problems when flying if they have an inflamed nerve , or an exposed nerve during a filling .
The root treated tooth sounds as if its fine now.  jenny

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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