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I Cannot Have Sedation. What Options Do I Have?

Hi. I am overweight (24 stone, height 5ft 8). I have had a fear of dentists and needles since I was 13 through the drilling for money saga of the ’70s. I need to have a tooth out and a filling placed, but neither the dentist or the referred hospital will put me out as my BMI is too high. I am also on 1 of the warfarin replacement tablets (cannot remember what its called) and simvastatin. Any ideas?

Hello, thank you for your question. So being sedated is ruled out?
The warfarin replacement tablets (Clopidogrel ?) are not a problem for an extraction, but you will be advised to stop them for a few days. But why are you on these?
So you need to get to grips with the idea of having a dental injection.
Could the dentist you see give you some diazepam? Say 10 mgm before you have a filling to see if that would help you accept an injection.  Otherwise, the website of Anxiety UK has some useful stuff and also access to low cost counselling and CBT. Hope this helps.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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