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I can’t even bring myself to book a dental appointment, can you help?

hi JENNY. I am having difficulty booking an appointment, I am having no issues that I am aware of in terms of urgent pain or anything. I can however upon flossing feel a ridge at the bottom of one of my middle bottom teeth. I have flossets and use the spike thing at the bottom to go around my gum line. I have recently began to feel this ridge and dont know what it is. other than this I am having no problems, no tooth ache, no bleeding of the gums or anything else. the problem I have is that I have not been to the dentist for like over two nearly three years and know I should go. the thing is I cant even bring myself to book an appointment. can you help me please I get nervous and cant go up there, what can I do to overcome this?

You will only be able to imagine whats going on here until someone dentally qualified looks at it .
Having a consultation doesn’t commit you to anything but the knowledge of what this ridge is that
you are feeling . The outcome might be thats there is nothing abnormal so you are denying yourself possible peace of mind .
Could you get someone else to make the appointment for you and go with you .
Otherwise just take a deep breath slowly and exhale two or three times and then just pick up the phone .
When the time comes to go to the dentist do the same before you go in the door .
Set yourself a target date to make the phone call and stick to it , it would be nice to have peace of mind by Xmas
Good luck

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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