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I constantly have bad breath and have holes between my teeth, but I really don’t want to visit a dentist. Can you help?

HI Dr, This question may ssem unrelated but the thing is im not sure if i have gum disease and dont want to go to the dentist. Ive looked online at the the symptoms for gingivitis and periodontal disease and they both say your gums need to be swollen and bleed when brushing, mine sed to but dont anymore but i dont think, other than a little bit of isolated inflammation that left as i stepped up in terms of my oral hygiene, the gums are swollen, but i constantly have bad breath and now two timy holes have appeared either side of my central right incisor on the top and I wanted to know if this was gum recession or whether the gums/teeth had simply been eroded here. I’d welcome any advise you could give me on the matter and thank yourself very much.

I understand that you may not want to see a dentist, but your description of your problems seems to suggest there is no alternative! I appreciate your concern, but I would not be being fair to you if I were to give you the impression that I can tell what the state of health of your gums and teeth are by an email description. Therefore please talk to your friends and family if you do not have a dentist, get a recommendation and go for a check up. The dentist will be able to have a proper look at your teeth and gums and take any necassary X-rays – then they can give you a meaningful and accurate idea of what the problems are and any treatment you may need. It will then of course be your decision whether or not to proceed- but please just go for a check up first.
Good luck

Simon Nery 

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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