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I don’t have a very high pain threshold, what will help me when I’m receiving injections ready to undergo dental treatment?

Hi i don’t hold a very high pain threshold for example, when having injections when i was younger i would scream the place down, if i scratch myself from falling over for example again i find it very very painful. i’m always petrified when i visit the dentist, i just wondered if you had heard of anything like this before? do you have any patients that are like this and if so how did you help them? my dentist knows about my problem but doesn’t really help me! thanks for your time and advice.

Its possible to have painless injections in many cases .
having numbing gels on the gum , using the wand System , having the injection given slowly .
sometimes having a couple of mild pain killers before the appointment can help lower your pain threshold, or a lild sedative
Everybody is different and your dentist should be aware of that , but he can’t change your make up , but should help make it more tolerable .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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