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I dont like the dentist but have to have a root canal. I want to be sedated but dont like needles – is there another way?


I have to go to my dentist again for root canal treatment and I was wondering whether it would be possible to car out this procedure done with me under sedation? Also is there another way of being sedated, so can I, like, swallow the sedation treatment, as I am really uncomfortable with needles. Sorry to be such a baby, but I know I need this treatment, but am still really, really terrified.

Thank you doctor

Hi, don’t worry many people are afraid of both needles and dentist. In response to your question i would say yes you can have a root canal treatment under sedation .
Your dentist may or may not do this . Firstly there is a form of Oral sedation called temazepam which you can take in a liquid form, then there is nitrous oxide oxygen called RA
All these techniques can be done by dentists , but not all dentists do them, treatments do vary slightly.  Hope you get sorted out

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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