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I feel like a child due to my fear of the dentist. Can you offer some helpful advice?

Hi there I have a really bad case of dental phobia, Iam 41 years old and still terrified of going to the dentist, i feel like a little child but i cant help it. The thing is I do need some serious dental work doing but am too scared to go to the dentist. Its not the actuall work iam scared of it’s the pain. I think it stems from having a very rough dentist as a child, please help?

First of all it isnt childish to be afraid of going to the dentist .Huge numbers of people have the same problem.
First of all I suggest you join a site called .Its a great resource where there are other people with similar difficulties to talk to .
Your memories of the rough dentist may be stopping you going , but dentistry has changed a lot and there is no need for painful experiences any more.
you have got started by asking this question , but you have to take the next step and find a suitable dentist .
Make sure you tell the dentist you see about these fears.

hope this helps


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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