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I forgot why I hated dentists right up until the moment I had to go and sit in the dentist chair! Advice?

I went to the dentist the other day and completely forgot how much i hate them things i was ok until i had to go into the surgery and sit on the chair. the whole thing is intimidating and I almost forgot why i haven’t been in years when i went in to book the appointment (at this point thinking i wasn’t bothered anymore- wrong). I wanted to know if there is anything i could try t get over my fear of the dentists actual chair/surgery environment as i assume they will all be similar at every dentist so moving would do very little? I tred my best not react and went through with a checkup but if it was anything more than that i dont think i could have gone through with it. im worried because ive been booked in for the hygienist…

Well done for staying the course despite your unpleasant feelings .
Firstly have you told the dentist how you feel .?
You do need to tell the hygienist as well.
When you go again you may find it less intimidating as your mind will have started to desensitize to the environment
Think about what you might be afraid of before you go , share that with the hygienist ,that may help to defuse your feelings .
Try to take some deep breaths and your anxiety will damp down.
Starting treatment ith a clean is a good idea .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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