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I had a terrible experience at the dentist

I am a working mother who has neglected my teeth for a very long time due to a phobia of the dentist dating back 30 years due to a terrible experience.I am so fed up of not being able to smile nor laugh without covering my mouth,I even try not to talk properly as not to show the gaps I have.I have only ever visited a dentist when I have had tooth pain that has kept me up for several nights,I am physically sick all the way to the emergency dentist.I now have lots of missing and rotten teeth and I am miserable.i can not afford the dental treatment prices and I do not qualify for nhs treatment.I want to have all my teeth removed and dentures fitted but would like this doing at a hospital under anaesthetic.Do you know if there is any way i can get any form of help with this and how I go about it all.Thank you for your time.
Kind Regard.

You have made a start to get help
Firstly everyone is entitled to NHS Dental Care , and there is a maximum fee of about £200 . Im not absolutely sure of that as I practice privately .
Although you say you cant afford it , could you see if you could find a way to get together that sort of sum ?
Its your future happiness at stake here , getting rid of embarrassment and shame , being able to smile and be free from pain is surely worth that sort of money .
? .
You could be referred to a hospital dental department for extractions under IV sedation or a General Anaesthetic , but they would not make or fit the false teeth .An NHS dentist should know where to refer to for this
You would have to find an NHS dentist who would make them , but also does IV sedation ( you cant have a GA in a dental practice ).
Google Dentist and IV sedation for your area or town , and then start making enquiries , but based on what is possible .
Ive treated many women like you and the relief and changes it makes to their lives is magic

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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