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I have a badly broken tooth

Hi, I am in dire need of help, i have a broken tooth next to my front teeth, it’s badly broken and now going black, it was a injury for a domestic abusive relationship and I wasn’t allowed I seek help then, now on free I would love to get it fixed…here’s the problem I can’t even get past the door of a dentist, in so scared, I do currently get free services but would if I was allowed pay for sedation, I just want a happy smile again, i am looking for a nhs sedation clinic in nottingham can you please help me

The words that you use are marvellous , Im free !
Now you need to get rid of the reminder of that time in the form of your broken tooth ,
You need to find a dentist on the NHS that can refer for sedation to a facility . Some do it themselves , others know where to send you once a diagnosis has been made .
There are special centres in most areas .
Its also a possibilty to ask for a referral to an oral surgery dept of the hospital to have a GA if you cant manage a local anesthetic .
You have to get through a series of steps , find a dentist , make the call , go there , let someone have a look , and take it from there .
The first steps dont involve any physical dentistry , but you have to get through those anxious feelings to get to your goal .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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