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I have a distinct fear of choking but I think I may need a tooth right at the back of my mouth removing?

hello Doctor Nery

I have a distinct fear of choking, but at the moment a tooth in the back of my mouth is causing me a great deal of pain and I just know that I will have to have it extracted. The thought of someone’s hand in my mouth, pulling out a tooth so near to my throat, just makes me sick to even think about it and I just really, really need some help, before my rotting tooth causes anymore damage. What would you recommend I do Doctor?

thank you for any help you can give

Well – first someone will have to have a look at you and then discuss what to do.

Sedation works very well for patients who have gagging or choking – so that might be a possibility. Alternatively you may need a short general anaesthetic (where you are put to sleep), but that will mean a hospital visit.

Please do just have a dentist have a look first – they will understand if all you want is for them to have a look and talk over how best to help you. But please don’t leave it or what might be a relatively easy problem to deal with could become a major problem – the sooner you get it looked at the better.

Best wishes.

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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