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Will I Have to Go Without Teeth During Treatment?

I have a dreadful fear of the dentist. My mouth is an absolute disgrace. I have none of my own teeth on the top, and the denture plate I have is over 33 years old. When I first had it fitted around what teeth were still in place, over the years the teeth that were left have one by one dropped out or I have pulled them out myself. The plate has had a couple of teeth broken off, it is so uncomfortable now as it don’t fit. My bottom teeth well I only have 7 of my own left, all the others hav one by one fallen out or I’ve pulled them out, 2 of them are in an absolutely diabolical state and need removing along with the other 5 teeth. I would need full upper and lower dentures but I can’t even walk into a dentist! I am coming into some money and would really love to eat proper food and smile again. My mouth the way it is I don’t smile. I have trouble eating and simply am so ashamed of my mouth. Can I be sedated or something and would I at any time have to go toothless for a period of time? Or could I have dentures fitted as soon as the other teeth are removed? Could you give me a rough idea of cost? I realise until you’ve seen the mess that is my mouth you can’t give me a definitive price. Thank you.


I’m sorry to hear that your fear is great and is holding you back from doing what you know you need.

Yes, you could be sedated to have the teeth removed and yes you can have dentures placed immediately after the teeth are removed. You don’t have to go toothless.

I do this quite a bit because there are actually quite a few people like you out there.

Those who have faced their fears and had this done have never looked back and look better, feel better and no longer have teeth to be afraid of.

Cost-wise, it depends who is going to do this for you and what their fees are. I think you would have to be seen first for an assessment. Are you looking for NHS or private dentistry?

But you need to take the next step. Contacting me is a really good start to breaking down this barrier.

Yes you will feel anxious when you make an appointment, but going to see the dentist doesn’t commit you to anything other than having a look and a discussion. So breathe deeply as you go in; the anxiety may be strong but it will gradually damp down.

Hope this helps,

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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