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I have a fear of the dentist and was charged £25 for not attending my appointment, is this fair?

Hi Dr PInder, I feel really bad about dentists. I have always been a nervous patient and never liked going to the dentist. I think It was on this site where I asked advice before and was told to turn up as close to the appointment as possible. anyway the other day I tried doing just that but somebody must have been having treatment in the room which left me sat in the waiting room. anyway I couldn’t handle it and left, now Ive been charged with an invoice for £25 for missing the appointment. this doesn’t seem fair to me and I don’t know what to to do he was late so should I tell him to shove it!?!? Please help im in an awkward position I even feel pressurised if im just going up to sort this out so ive just ignored him for now!

Oh dear .
You ring up and explain about your fear of dentists and that while waiting your fear overcame you and you had to leave .
That you had really tried by attending .
I think that anyone with any compassion or understanding would not charge you under those circumstances.
Try to deal with it , as sometimes a practice will just plough on with their collection procedures .
If they are inflexible then you have to make a choice to pay or not .
Perhaps you could pay a deposit for a future appointment and have the first one of the session before they can run late .
But another more understanding practice might be the answer and explain to the receptionist when you make the appointment

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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