I have a hole in my front tooth, but I am scared of going to the dentist
22nd July 2011

I am terrified of the dentist which has resulted in me not going for around 7 years. I am only 17 so very worried about the consequence this may have had on my teeth which are now in bad condition. A hole has recently appeared in my front tooth which i guess will get worse. I know that I need to visit a dentist but I am scared of what they will think of my teeth, I am also scared of needles and feel claustrophobic having the dentist so close to my face. I am worried about this and need to find a dentist in the Manchester area who can help me. The main problem I have found is all dentists who deal with dental phobia are private which at 17 I can't afford.

A. Hi its best to try and get this seen to as soon as you can , particularly as its a front tooth . So you are looking for treatment within the NHS , a possiblity is making enquiries at the Dental hospital to see if they have a special needs clinic. Look at www.dentalfearcentral.org and look at patients recommendations in your area . Lots of dentists use a numbing gel before giving an injection , you might find having a mild sedative helps you get over the anxiety , and the claustrophobic feelings . Dentists see all sorts of things every day , the thoughts about judgement are probably only your perception However if you do get positive evidence from a dentist that they are being critical then they may not be the right one for you . Nobodey makes a decision to be a dental phobic , you cant help it , but there is help to get over it .

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