I have a horrible gag reflex problem. Can you give me some advise?
22nd July 2011

Hello, I am a complete Dental phobic. I have been to Many dentists over the years. Now have got to have 9 back teeth out, but as I gag and am terrified I have to have my teeth out under a GA . I am going to see a consultant next week (5th) May but I would like to know if I can have partial back teeth dentures put in. Otherwise I will never be able to eat properly again. I do have a gag problem. I am so scared of all this. At the moment I am trying to get rid of a cough. There is no way I can possibly afford to come up to London, all I need is advise Thank-you,

A. Hello By this time you will have seen a consultant . Yes its possible to have partial back teeth dentures put in when your gums have healed for a bit . Its possible to get round a gagging problem with various methods . Ra ( gas and Air ) for impressions , gradually getting used to wearing the plate , special designs . all is not lost . Jenny

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