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We know how daunting dental treatment can be. Our Dental Phobia certified experts are here to help ease your mind before treatment by answering your questions.

I have a really bad pain in one of my molars, but I am absolutely terrified of treatment, what can I do?

hi.. I am having problems with one of my molars due to a tiny tiny fraction and my dentist is recommending further treatment for it.. Its feeling really bruised with the occasional sharp throbbing shooting pain. What is this bruising??

Not sure what the further treatment will be, but she is recommending a crown. How will that resolve a broken tooth??

I am absolutely terrified. I am extremely nervous and can barely cope with a check up appointment. I cant function with anything else right now, not because of the pain but because of my anxiety. I’m overly obsessed by it.

I have heard about sedation possibilities, but I know that my practice doesn’t offer IV sedation. So I would need oral sedation. What medication would be recommended for this. I had to undergo a medical procedure and my GP gave me some diazepam, which didn’t go anywhere near me. Also how would I feel after I have taken this medication.

PS – I love cats too and i volunteer for the RSPCA.
thank you    : D

Always happy to talk to a cat lover !
If the tooth is feeling bruised or has some pain associated with it then that should be resolved before any crown is made .
That may involve replacing the filling first .
A crown helps to make the top of the tooth strong if there is a lot of tooth missing .
You must ask the dentist to expand on her explanations and ask these questions , perhaps ring and ask to speak to her or send an e-mail .
With these questions unanswered the obsessive thoughts will remain .
the right dose of diazepam would help damp down your anxiety if sedation isn’t an option .I offer 5 or 10 MGM , but it affects everyone differently .
it’s hard to describe how it will feel as it depends on a lot of factors , but it’s very safe .
I hope you get this sorted

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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