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I have a terrible fear of the dentist

Hello there,  I’m 30 and have terrible fear of the dentist and was wondering if its possible to get all my teeth out in hospital as I have acid reflux in my stomach and its causing a lot of pain with my teeth too I am depressed due to my teeth being a mess and I have asked a few dentists to take out the lot but they have refused me. how much would it cost if I went private ? im only on benefits but would try to pay to get my teeth removed that’s how bad it is thank you so much for your time.

Hello, Im sorry the condition of your teeth is making you so depressed .
Its possible to get a referral to a dental hospital to get extractions done while you are asleep or sedated .
I dont know where you are based ?
from a dentists point of view having all your teeth out is a very drastic step , and you would have to cope with either having no teeth for a bit , or having dentures put in straight away which a hospital wouldn’t do
If not all your teeth are so bad that they need to come out , you might have more chance of getting some done at first ,
I did have a lady that would not contemplate anything else than having all the teeth out , and someone at the Eastman Dental Hospital was agreeable to doing this , but another hospital refused .
You should be able to access a service on the NHS which does intra venous sedation which might be a route to look for , and even might be able to do fillings . I have a couple of patients I have managed to get treatment from Guys Special Care to get treatment . But a visit for a consultation would be needed first with me , and that costs £98 plus £55 for a large X ray

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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