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I have a terrible phobia of going to the dentist

Hi there,

I have a terrible phobia of the dentist and now i am in pain yet i cannot go. I have cancelled appointments in the past and even stood outside the practice without going in.

I have had pain with my bottom wisdom tooth which has cracked away on two occasions, there is now half of the tooth missing and i cant eat on that side.There is also a small hole next to that tooth which is giving me grief. I cannot even begin to imagine going to get it looked at let alone having any treatment done!

I am not sure how to go about getting this fixed, how where to turn, i would be grateful for any advice.

Where could you start .
Well unless you see a dentist to let them have a look , nothing can change .
What could be different to get you into the practice and not cancel the appointment.
The dentist will only look , and perhaps you could discuss being referred for sedation if your tooth needs to come out .
You might ask your dr to refer for some psychological help if you can’t get that far ,
It also might be helpful to take a friend or relative into your confidence and get them to go with you to help you keep the appointment .
You’ve made this first step which is a very positive thing

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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