I have an abscess and dental phobia. Can the NHS carry out root canal treatment with sedation?
23rd February 2011

i have a deep routed fear of dental work after awful child hood incidents. my oral health is very poor and i now have a very painful abscess (my 5th) and can no longer afford root canal treatment with sedation costs. is there a bristol practice that could carry out this treatment on nhs fees plus reasonable additional costs for sedation please help

A. Hi I'm sorry you are in trouble with this. If you have had repeated abcesses then a root canal treatment on this tooth may no longer be feasible . If you need sedation services there are a couple of options I can suggest . 1. the dental hospital provides sedation services for extractions ,you may need to get a dentist to refer you . 2 thePCT ,primary care trust , should know which practices have special contracts for sedation services, and you can be referred to one by an NHS dentist .. If you are having sedation on the NHS , they are not allowed to charge a Private fee as well. 3.The Community Dental Service may be able to help as severe dental phobia may come under their remit, PCT should know . I hope you manage to get help . Kind regards Jenny pinder