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I have been afraid of visiting the dentist since I was a child

Hi, ever since I was a toddler I have always been afraid of visiting the dentist! I had no idea why, as the years went on when I was younger, I had to sit on my mothers lap rather than the dentist chair and she had to literally hold me still! I remember screaming and crying because I hated visiting so much. The dentist and my family thought I would grow out of the fear, but still at the age of 21- nothing has changed! I don’t have the same dentist as when I was younger, we changed a number of years ago to one closer to us. He’s lovely but I still don’t really know why I’m afraid. I guess, for one it’s the room for sure. I don’t like it at all, the chair.. the tools.. the uniform! And because I’m afraid I didn’t visit for nearly 3 years. And now my teeth are in a terrible state. I’ve been told I need 18 fillings! (I do not smoke or drink) – I just came back home from having 3.. 15 more to go!! (and only because my mother booked me in and demanded me to go for a visit!) I felt so nervous during it all, my hands were sweating and I couldn’t stop fiddling! Constantly asking myself when this would end. I also hate how not just me, but others have no idea what to do during a check up or a filling.. how do you swallow?! I’m also not too afraid of the needles but I’m sure not only me, but others would much rather something else.. if there was one! Maybe in the near future a mad scientist can produce a tablet that works within seconds to numb your mouth rather than having to stab a needle into your gums! I also don’t understand how anybody would ever want to become a dentist?! Do they like looking in peoples mouths, is it fascinating /puzzling to them?! I find it revolting personally. But hey, its a way of life and I do understand everybody needs to keep their teeth healthy, and without you- we’d be doomed. But please, on the phobia part, please help me.. I can’t seem to understand myself and it’s embarrassing :(

Im so sorry you need so much treatment when you find it so difficult .
I suggest you ask the dentist to perhaps prescribe you some sedative tablets to take before the appointment . It may help you to be less physically affected .
However the fact that you have so many fillings has no relation to whether you smoke or drink .
The most usual cause is a high sugar consumption , fizzy drinks , or sometimes acid erosion from stomach acid , or even bulimia .
So if there is also plaque present then the bacteria make acid from the sugar which makes holes .
So it would also be a good idea to look at what things you could do to help prevent further decay .
There are lots of occupations that other people would not want to do !!!
This morning I saw 5 people who I have helped to get their teeth sorted out who can now smile , have healthy nice looking teeth , and arent afraid any more .
That for me is a great reason to do the job
Hope this may help a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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