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I have been dental phobic since childhood

I have had a severe phobia since I was a child. I remember being forcibly held in the dentist chair to enable checks etc. I also have trust issues with dentists – I had black teeth as a child (before the above incidents) & yet was told it was nothing to worry about it was a result of medication I had been on; & about 15 years ago despite the dentist knowing my fears was told not to be stupid, I couldn’t be feeling pain (during a procedure) because I had had a lot of numbing injection!
I have had numerous abscesses which I have suffered with rather than see a dentist, I have broken teeth, loads of plaque, a couple of wobbly teeth etc. My mouth is a mess!
I also am a single mum, with mental health problems & I work part time as a health professional (what a joke). My mental health, which has been severe, has now improved but has also had an impact on my mouth.
I really want to turn things around but I have little spare money, I’m frightened, I’m massively embarrassed, I feel that I don’t get listened to…..I just don’t know what to do or where to turn. I know my mouth is a mess & I don’t need telling this. I want support & guidance & help to turn this around. My main area of support in everything is my mum but she also has a dental phobia.
I have written this & I will send it but I am shaking, feel sick & my heart is racing as a type!!!!

You deserve credit for having the courage to overcome the anxiety writing this must have caused you . But that is a huge first step .
Now your mental health is better then you may find yourself better able to deal with this .
I suggest a first step is to go and explore a web site . There are people who are on the forum who have severe phobias and are trying to help themselves and find help to get treatment . There are dentists who have been given recommendations by people who have found them good with nervous patients .
If you have some mental health support then a CBT therapist may be a help . Im not sure where you live , in London there is a service at Guys for severe dental phobia , with a clinical psychologist .
It sounds as if you need to seek out treatment on the NHS to be able to afford it . There is a maximum fee which is not zero , but it is good value if you need lots of treatment , and perhaps someone could help you out with that . Most phobics havent spent anything on teeth for years ( which is not their fault ) but there will be some investment needed , unless you are exempt from charges .
There are resources to get extractions done under IV sedation .
Hope this helps you get started

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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