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I have broken teeth

Hi there
I am seriously terrified of going to the dentist and the result is that I have 2 broken teeth top and bottom that need to come out. I would need partial dentures as I have other teeth missing. I am ashamed of my teeth although my front teeth are fairly straight and the missing teeth can’t be seen when I smile. I am feeling discomfort when I eat but just can’t summon the courage to get this sorted which is making me miserable. How soon could I get to see you if I can make myself do it?

You could see me within the next week , or the week after Easter .
Just taking the first step will make you feel less miserable , although until you have had a consultation your anxiety will still be there . You may not need dentures , people can manage without quite a few teeth , although of course you can find out about those options
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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