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I have damaged my teeth with acid erosion, what is the best treatment for this?

hi i have acid erosion whch is quite noticeable on my front two teeth which look slightly worn and discoloured near the gumline it is getting to the point where i dont lke to smile. i am only 26 and i am very upset about this as i always clean my teeth and use pro anamel toothpaste but would like a solution to the overall problem can you advise me about cost etc i live in newcastle upon tyne are there dentists that offer dental treatment on a payment plan and offer nervous patient treatment as ive heard it can be expensive for veneers and invasive etc thankyou

There are lots of reasons for enamel erosion . eating lots of citrus fruit , fizzy drinks , acid reflux from stomach problems , and sometimes things such as bulimia .

You need to get it looked at to see what the damage is and what the possible solutions are , that doesnt commit you to having treatment with that dentist .
The only type pf payment plan that might be suitable would be a finance option offered by a dentist through a loan . You would have to research local dentists to find who might offer these .
There are non -invasive techniques such as composite bonding which are much less expensive and drastic than veneers .
The payment plan and finding a nice dentist who’s good with nervous patients are really two separate issues and may not be acheivable together .
Google in dental phobia and newcastle and see what comes up
hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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