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I have feared going to the dentist for ten years

Hi Jennifer,
You seem friendly so I thought to ask you what to do and how much would it cost for the procedures.

Basically I have feared going to a dentist for 10 years ever since my last ordeal were I put asleep so they could take out a tooth but I could hear everything whilst I was asleep. now my teeth or what is left of it is in really bad shape REALLY bad shape I have 5decayed tooth and and 5 decaying tooth.

I don’t like milk or cheese but eat sweets and drink fizzy juice nearly everyday so I’m a dentists nightmare but as of recent I have cut out the sweets and juice.

I’m really really petrified, embarrassed and ashamed to go dentist being of young age it does not help but I had enough and I need for this to be sorted. So I wanted to know how much it would, what to do and what practice is best to go too.

Thank you in advance

youve taken some first steps , come on here , given up the damaging sweets and juice .
The first thing you need to do is look for a dentist who is good with nervous patients . Im not sure where you live , but if you go onto , that is a special website for nervous patients , There are some dentists on there who other patients have had success with .
If you need lots of extractions then it will probably be possible to get a referral to a hospital to be completely asleep for that , that would be free on the NHs .
The NHS have standard charges for treatments , and private dentists all have their own price ranges .
having a consultation with a dentist is the way forward to get started .
tell them you are very nervous.
It sounds like you had IV sedation and not a fully asleep anaesthetic , and sometimes people do remember some things .
I hope you can find the courage to make the next step

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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