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I have had bad experiences with my dentist

I’m a 20 yr old student in Scotland, I’ve had the same dentist all my life and in the past couple of years I’ve had quite a lot of work done. It’s not the work that scares me its the dentist himself. The last time i was there, which would’ve been 6 months ago, after I’d had 2 fillings he took an old brush he’d had somewhere and sorta brushed my teeth.. without anything on it ofc, it was quite rough, and it made me gag. That added with my numb jaw so i couldnt swallow trying to balance all the liquids and then he flossed my teeth and ofc they bled and he yelled at me for them bleeding and then he handed me said floss/brush/some toothpaste and sent me off. He’s belittled me in the past but after that – i have a check up in 2 days – and i really see myself cancelling it tomorrow. I don’t see how i can go

Time to change dentists I think !
You are having issues about trusting him , and sometimes a new and different person could be the right thing for you .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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