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I have had extractions which caused me to bleed heavily in the past, are there any techniques available that can stop this?

Dear Dr Pinder
I have a terrible dental phobia, and need treatment, after not visiting the dentist for over ten years.
I know that I will need extractions. My problem is that when I have had extractions in the past, I have bled heavily even though my dentist has stitched my gums after removing the tooth. This is frightening me so much, that I cannot seek help. Are there any new techniques that help stop such blood loss following extractions. I do not have any disorders that cause me to bleed this way , except after dental surgery. Thank you for your time.

Its not surprising that you are worried about this your past experience has been traumatic .
Have you had this on more than one occasion ?
Its important that you tell any dentist about this . There are some materials that can be placed in a tooth socket such as something called Surgicel ( or equivalent ) as well as sutures .
Perhaps just have one extraction done as a test .
Its important that you try to get this done before you have acute infections or abscesses as the tissue makes new blood vessels to fight off infection and these can be a bit more fragile .
hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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