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I have had many bad dental experiences

I have a severe dental phobia and many tramatic and painful dental experiences. My teeth are pretty bad and one currently just healed from an abccess, my dental exam revieled that I have cavities in almost all my teeth and all my bottom teeth need to be pulled and a partial plate put in. I have Washington state apple health which means they don’t offer coverage for anything not medically necessary. The only good dental experience I have ever had was when I received IV sedation to have 5 teeth pulled. it was great, I went to sleep and woke up numb and no memory of any of it. To get IV sedation I have to pay the cash upwards of $500. My fear is so intense that I would like all my teeth taken out and get dentures so that I don’t have to worry about the dentist anymore once the dentures are fitted properly. Dentists have told me I have “soft” teeth, I get it from my dad because all his teeth just turned black at by 22 so he got dentures. So I know that its inevitable I will have dentures at some point in which I will have to relive this nightmare all over again. I was wondering if I could get diagnosed by a psychologist with dental phobia if it would possibly get my insurance to approve the dentures? My infected tooth seems to be ok for now but its a ticking time bomb and with me immune system difficulties antibiotics don’t generally work on me so the abcess could start again soon. If you have any information that can help me get through this I would be so greatful, I am unemployed so its really important to find some loop holes in the insurance plan.

Thank You.

Hello Im sorry you find yourself in this situation .However I am in the Uk and I dont know how the medical Insurance you have works .
You mention immune system difficulties so that might be the lever to get your teeth removed , but I doubt whether dentures would be covered ,
Im sorry I can be more specific

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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