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I have major dental phobia but need to visit my dentist for gum disease treatment, can you help?

hi i need some adivce i have a majour dental phobia, i badly need treatment but dont know what to do, i have bad gum diease where my teeth have developed gaps and also my 2 front bottom teeth the gums have stated to recede badly, ive got no confidence with my teeth i dont know what to do i feel traped with a majour big problem HELP!!!! what would be the usual treatment for this problem? my teeth have affected my life i turn 30 in march and i would really like to get it sorted.
yours faithfully

Hello Sarah .
well done for starting to look for help .
Firstly the gum disease sounds as if it has started to progress , so you need to get some help soon .
Gum disease is made worse if a person doesnt ,or isnt able to get their teeth professsionally cleaned .
Also the hard deposits eventually prevent a person being able to clean their teeth effectively , and a vicious cycle sets up .
Also people who cant go to the dentist never get proper advice about what the right home care is for their particular needs .
You need to pluck up courage to get an assessment .
Look for a practice with a dental hygienist as that shows that the dentist cares about gum disease and its proper treatment .
Tretament for gum disease is shared between the cleaning off of hard deposits , and helping the patient to remove the plaque effectively with modern teeth cleaning aids .
Everyone says ‘ But I clean my teeth X times a day ‘ and of course they do brush them , but may not be acheiving much !
Hope you can get started , at 30 its not too late

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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