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I have no bad history with the dentist yet I feel like its an ordeal every time I go. Can you help?

hello, i want to know what kind of things can set dental phobia off- outside the obvious sort of he/she had an experience, doesnt like drills or tools etc because i have none of these things (type of things) yet i hate going to the dentist really makes me feel like ive just got through an ordeal every time i go for a check up? the thought of being referred for orthodontic check-ups and/or hygienist appointments makes me feel like im having a heart attack which it shouldn’t! i know and i tell myself that these people are professional that know what they’re doing but it takes me ages to calm down afterwards and my hearts going crazy. is there anything you could suggest to be the cause or the solution?

Your phobia does not seem to be related to any previous experience at the dentist, but may be connected to something else.
Really you would need to talk this though in more detail with someone who can help- I have no idea what your history is (for example when did this start (e,g was it at a particular time of your life) and lots of other things that you would need to discuss with someone. it is not easy to go over this in an email message. I would suggest you ask your GP to refer you to someone like who helps people overcome their phobias.

I hope this helps.


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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