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I have painful broken teeth, but am scared of the dentist. What can I do?

two broken teeth in half one at top and one at bottem,both right handside of mouth and i cannot go to dentist because i am to scared cannot stand things in my mouth and i dont like my head back because of breathing,etc.just fed up with pain.dont know why i run out of dentist chair,my mum says i will just have to live with it ?.but the pain is horrible,what do i do ?

well there are some steps you could take .
1. Live with it and live on antibiotics , that seems to be the current choice
2. Start thinking about how you could solve this problem and make it go away for good .
When you say ‘ I can’t stand things in my mouth ‘ what makes you say that , and is it true of all things ? You have to eat , clean your teeth ?
have you had any bad experiences dental or otherwise that triggered this .
What would be the worst thing that could happen if you had a dental mirror in your mouth ?
If you have trouble lying back , its important you tell the dentist that . It may be possible to adjust your position, or is it because you feel vulnerable .
Your mother is right in that without action you will have to live with the pain .
Try to see a dentist but with the idea that you will just go for a consultation first without having any treatment that day , then you won’t need to think about running out of the chair .
There are options to help you have the treatment you need , such as sedation if you need extractions .
The pain can only get worse till it dominates your thinking .
Hope this helps a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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