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I have severe periodontal disease

Hi Ms Pinder
I am turning 20 this month but haven’t been to the dentist since I was 16. I am aware I have advanced periodontal disease on my lower front tooth and am I constant fear that it will fall out even though it is not wobbly. I have had a huge phobia of the dentist since I was about 8. I cried at every checkup since then despite never needing a filling on braces, and once the dentist had to check my teeth in the waiting room because I got myself in such a state! I can’t talk to my friends about it because it looks like I am unhygienic when yes I could have looked after my teeth better but my teeth were always quite spread out as they are small and thus harder to keep clean. With my phobia I have just avoided going to the dentist about. I have this fear that the dentist is going to say my tooth needs extracting: as far as I’m aware you cannot implant into a diseased gum and I’ll be left walking round with a gap in the front of my teeth. I am at university this time should be great for me but this is making me miserable. what should I do?!
Kind regards

You are imagining the worst , when in fact you may have a problem that can be treated very easily and doesn’t need to be extracted .
But you need to pluck up courage to let someone at least have a look and re- assure you . Until that happens then you will still be thinking about it all the time .
In my experience at your age it would be unlikely that you have advanced gum disease . However you may have moderate disease which could be sorted out by professional cleaning and teaching you effective home techniques .
There is no way you would have to walk around without a tooth , even if the worst was true , there are other options than an implant for a situation as you describe .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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