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I have to find a dentist who can fit me with dentures and I’m petrified, please help!

Ive had a phobia o.f the dentist since I was a little girl I’m now 36 and still petrified I have built the courage to go to a dental hospital who are going to remove most of my teeth under I v sedation but I feel like I’m having a panic attack every time I think about it I have also got to find a dentist to fit me with some kind of dentures . Petrified isn’t the word any advise pleas

It sounds like you have manage to face up to your fears and get some help .
Im not sure how far ahead your appointment is . Its quite reasonable to feel apprehensive about this as its a major thing in your life .
However the problem at the moment sounds as if its your thoughts and imagination that are causing your distress and not what is actually happening at the moment .
When you find yourself beginning to ruminate on this , can you try to divert your thoughts to something else , do something active , the website for Anxiety Uk has some helpful strategies to help with this .
Can you find a dentist who will make you dentures when the teeth are removed , so at least you have a plan in place for when the teeth are gone .
Just take one step at a time

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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