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I have to have an extraction. Can I be sedated and if so how … I don’t like needles?

Hello Dr Nery

I need to have a tooth extracted, but am just absolutely terrified! I keep on imagining the pliers in my mouth and feeling the tooth being pulled out and it just makes me feel ill! I’ve been told about sedation and was wondering how that works. Also can it be given without an injection, because im not too keen on those either! (im sorry for being such a whiner!)
Any help you can give doctor would be greatly appreciated

You are one of many people who feel this way!
Sedation will help – it can be given with an injection or in tablet form, although it works more reliably if you have the injection in your arm.
Sedation relaxes you and creates a feeling not unlike having a couple of drinks, it also makes you less bothered about what is happening. When given in the arm it also makes you forget, so that you don’t remember all the details of your appointment. This is excellent as patients often don not have any idea of how long they have been in the chair for.
I would suggest you talk to your dentist about this and I sure they will be sympathetic. If they do not offer sedation they can always refer you to someone who does.
Incidentally, have you had a problem at the dentist in the past? These phobias usually come from somewhere, o=and once your immediate problem is sorted and you have found a dentist you can trust it would be a good idea to try to get to the root of the problem and look at ways of helping you overcome your fear such as cognitive Behavioural therapy. This is something your dentist and Doctor should be able to help you with, or you may need referral to someone who helps people like yourself to manage their phobias.
Very best of luck.

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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