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I haven’t been to the dentist for four years after bad experiences

Hi! I have a huge fear of the dentist due to having several heavy handed dentists when I was a lot younger who didn’t address my fear at all which has caused me not visit a dentist for around 4 years. I am 22, and have very weak enamel on my teeth, I do try to maintain a healthy diet however I have suffered from reflux in the past which I believe has caused an increase in the decay in my teeth. My front tooth weakened and chipped 4 years ago and I was told I may need root canal treatment however at first I was giving a filling, I was too scared to go back after this, and since then my back teeth are suffering. My teeth would often break off slowly which has resulted in my loosing 2 lower teeth and one upper on the right hand side and one lower one upper on left. This is very frightening for me and I’ve found it so hard to visit a dentist due to my fear. I desperately want my front tooth repaired as it is becoming thinner all the time. I also am having difficulty eating due to my back teeth. Is there anything that will resolve these underlying issues? I’m terrified of a dentist saying there’s nothing they can do and I eventually loose all my teeth. Thankyou.

Im sorry that you are having all these issues .
Reflux can be a real problem with the acid eroding your enamel .
However dentists should be able to give you advice about this to help you prevent things getting worse .
I suggest you look on where there are people who are frightened like yourself . They also suggest dentists that they have had had success with being good with anxious patients .
There are special high fluoride mouth rinses and toothpastes that would help stop new problems
Hope this might help

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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