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I know the reasons for my dental phobia but is there someone who can help?

Dear expert, Hello, I already know that one of the reasons/causes for my dental phobia is that I have a bad reaction to various injections I have received in the past. I have also suffered from lip swelling for no apparent reason and I once came out in hives just sitting in the surgery while my daughter was treated. I know I am allergic to quite a few things. I’ve tried so hard but not found anyone who knows why or how to treat this so I’ve avoided treatment. Is here anyone who can help? thanks

I am really sorry to hear that your are having these awful problems! To me this sounds like an allergic reaction , perhaps to latex ?
It might be an idea to see your Gp to get a referral to an allergy specialist for testing .
It depends what you mean by bad reaction to a local anaesthetic and I would need further information about it to give you any further advice. Best of luck, Jenny

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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