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I need braces but can’t get to the dentist. Advice?

hello Dr Jennifer Pinder I am seventeen, I am working and have saved up some money to get braces behind my teeth. the thing is I hate dentists. I know I have to have the brace as my teeth are badly crossed. the problem that I have is that I don’t now where the actual problem lies? I hear ‘dentist appointment’ and I’m like yeah OK that’s cool but as soon as the day in question arrives I get really nervous as if I have a big show or something. this gets worse and worse as I get closer to the dentist until I’m inside and I feel likeI’m being watched and can’t sit still. last time I just walked back out! is there anything you could suggest as either the route of this problem or even how to get over it that would be brilliant cheers

It’s good that you have been motivated to save for your straight teeth.
Firstly have you seen a dentist or a straightening specialist to find out what the possibilities for your set of teeth are ?
Until then you will just be imagining something which may not be right or not possible for yours .
Your problem is psychological and it sounds as if the fear of the fear that builds up is worse than what a dentist is .
Try to have the first appointment of the session so you are seen on time , arrive just before this .
No -one will be watching you , they will all be too absorbed in their own emotions about their visit .
Modern straightening treatments can work wonders , so focus on the goal of yourself with straight teeth, imagine what you will look like , how you will feel about yourself when it’s done .
Hope you find the courage to get over this it will be worth it

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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