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I need help with my extreme phobia

Sorry to ramble on.
I’m petrified of dentists, oddly enough I didn’t mind them as a child even though I had a lot of work done. I was never encouraged to brush my teeth right from the start so I became lazy and didn’t bother, after all when they fell out the tooth fairy came!

In my late teens my lovely dentist retried, replaced by a monster! She be very rude and not give you the time of day or explain what she was doing. One day she poked a tooth too hard and it collapsed. It was agony, she snapped at me so I ran and have not been back since.

12 years on and my teeth are in a right state, I tried to take care of them but the damage was done. My top set all of my back teeth are rotten down past the gums, there are several areas that leeks pus from the gums. It can be agony and oddly enough my breath now stinks so I’ve shut myself away.

It’s time that I faced up to them and get them sorted but I’m so embarrassed about what a new dentist would say or think it has almost become worse than my fear of dentists. Plus the old dentist I had closed down many years ago and no one can seem to find any record of me. Is this a big problem?

As Iv said sorry to ramble on

well the first thing youve done is decide that something needs to be done .
It sounds as if you probably have quite a few teeth that need to come out , which will in itself make your mouth feel cleaner .
The fact that your records are no longer there is standard , and a new dentist will start from scratch . Records are not passed from one dentist to another as in a drs practice /
Perhaps look for a dentist that does Iv sedation as they may be better with this kind of work .
Or look at for someone who oters may have found sympathetic .
Sorting this out can change your life

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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