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I need my lower wisdom tooth extracted but I faint at the sight and taste of blood, what can I do?

Dear Doctor.

I have been told by my dentist that I may need to have my lower wisdom tooth extracted. I am totally dental & medical phobic. I faint at the sight/taste of blood and faint at needles. I had an incisor tooth removed a few years ago (under oral sedation, which didnt have any effect on me) and the pressure feeling frightened me to death.

Is it possible for a wisdom tooth to be extracted under GA? I would be happy to pay if this could be done privately. I don’t think that there are any medical/dental reasons for me to have it done under GA only my own phobia and reactions during dental treatment.

Questions about IV sedation :

my dental practice does not offer IV sedation, but could they refer me to another dental practice in the area that does?

Could my anxiety stop the IV medication from sedating me? I’m really worried that it wont have any effect on me, given that the oral medication (diazepam) didn’t.

I understand that I wouldn’t be totally under and that I would be able to respond to instructions, but will I feel that pressure of the extraction whilst been sedated?

How does it feel to be under IV sedation. Is there an awareness of what is happening.

If I’m not coping during the procedure, is it possible for the dentist to increase the sedative dosage to relax me further?

I will faint as the IV is being inserted into my hand and it will probably take me around 15 mins to come round from that given my anxiety levels regarding the extraction. Would it be possible for me to have maybe two separate appointments one for the needle and then another one for the procedure.

Many thanks for your time.

It’s possible for you to have a GA ,dental phobia and your history makes that a possibility for you . You would need to ask your dentist for a referral .
It’s possible to have it done privately , but that’s quite expensive with a GA .
Referral for I’ve sedation is also possible .
I’ve sedation is quite different from tablets , the majority of people remember nothing about the sedation, and the dose is given so that you personally are well sedated enough.
The procedure has to be completed in one session, but you will be sedated before the local anaesthetic is given .
The sedation it’s will be well versed in dealing with injection difficulty ,
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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