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I need sedation in Inverness

I’m wondering if you know of any dental surgeries in the Inverness area of Scotland that offer sedation, I haven’t been to a dentist in about ten years and I am missing 2, soon to be 4 teeth that cause me immense pain. I know I can’t go through with any dental work without sedation due to a troubled childhood I get extreme shakes and paranoia if I see anything that even reminds me of my mouth and can’t let anybody even touch my cheek without flinching and pushing them away, thank you for reading this I really hope there is somewhere up here because I’m at my wits end.

Im sure that there will be somebody in your area that provides sedation as it sounds as if you are in genuine need .
Google IV sedation Inverness , or possibly ring the local Health Board to ask about sedation services or the Community Dental Service .
Possibly even get your dr to refer you to a clinical psychologist first .
Hope this may help a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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