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I need to have a root canal treatment, will I feel any pain with anaesthetic?

Hi there guys! I’m afraid because on one of my lower back teeth I had a filling removed.

The Local Anaesthetic I had, (a couple of injections) though it felt like quite a bit of solution was in my mouth. Anyway we waited a bit for it to take effect then I had the filling removed, scraped out etc.

It was really quite painful! Afterwards I felt my jaw/lips get numb and i just wondered really – especially now that I am to have a canal filling – how exactly how numb i should feel (to know im ready) before treatment starts?

As in should i feel numb/jaw and lip etc before the drilling starts!


Hello Larry
You should be completely numb to be able to have a root canal treatment done successfully , so that it is a pain free experience for you .
There are some people whose injections take longer to work than others especially in lower back teeth .
The way I get over that are by several ways . 1 have two shots straight away rather than waiting for it to be sore , The dentist can angle the injection to put the solution in a slightly different place each time .
2 Have the local at a time a bit before the procedure is scheduled and wait .
3 The dentist should have some knowledge of how to manage this as its not uncommon , there is a technique called an intraligamentary injection which can help get rid of the residual feeling , plus some others
the nerve may have been a bit inflamed , but the temporary filling should have calmed that down
Hope you have a comfortable experience

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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