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I panic every time I get near treatment room, what can I do to get over it?


I hope you can help doctor Pinder. i suffer panic attacks every time I go to the dentist. Even when just going for a general check-up, as soon as I get into the treatment room I get so pent up and upset that I have to leave. Recently i have been suffering a pain at the back of my mouth. At first I ignored it, hoping it would go away, but to no avail and now 3 weeks on the pain is worse than ever. I obviously need to go to a dentist, but my fear is sure to hold me back. Do you have any tips to help me overcome this fear and get the treatment I need?

thank you

there are several things you might try .1. would your dr give you a mild sedative tablet to take before you go .
2. Try some relaxation exercises to help you control your breathing which goes haywire when you start having a panic attack .
2 think about the conversation you have with yourself in your head as you get nearer , what are you saying?
Your thoughts may be the thing which is fuelling the problem , and increasing the anxiety .
what is the worst thing that could happen , and how likely is that , are you catastrophising?
If you see the panic through it will abate , but you need to stick it out . I use a useful mantra ,’this will pass off ‘ and it will .
Hope this helps you to get to a dentist

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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