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I smashed my mouth and had to have stitches

I had a traumatic fall about 4 weeks ago smashed my mouth had to have stitches and broke one of my front teeth, my dentist thought she could save it but it was too badly broken so she removed it, which was very painful as she injected into the roof of my mouth. But I seem to have a problem with the other front tooth now, very sensitive and I think it moves slightly, my dentist says wait and see if it repairs itself, but I am worried that it may need to be removed too. How long should it take before I will know if the tooth is ok or not? Plus I have lost confidence in my dentist as she knew how worried I was but still put the infection in the roof of my mouth without numbing it first!
Thank you

Im sorry to hear about your accident .
Injections in the palate can be painful, the tissue is very firm and numbing gels aren’t necessarily the answer, so blaming your dentist here may not be very fair .
The other tooth has also been traumatised , and after a while the nerve can die . If it does then it doesn’t mean the tooth will have to be taken out , but it may need to have the nerve removed and a root canal treatment done .
If the tooth is becoming increasingly sensitive then this may have to be done sooner rather than later . There is no way of telling how long this may take , and its best not to leave it until the nerve dies , so if symptoms persist go back to the dentist
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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